Social Entrepreneur

Erlijn has established and led several social ventures, currently she is with Ashoka, worlds’ largest international network of system changing social entrepreneurs and innovators. Being a social entrepreneur herself she is hands-on and has a deep understanding of what’s going on in the field of Social innovation and Social Entrepreneurship worldwide, as well as about micro-enterprise development at the base of the pyramid, coming from her experience in micro finance and financial inclusion.

Micro credit for Mothers, program evaluation, Cambodia, 2007

Co-founder of Kula Loans International (founded in 2018)

Kula Loans International, a foundation investing in groups of people that implement solutions that foster the well-being of their communities. Kula aims to be the incubator of a new concept of risk-free, trust-based lending method for communities of low-income people. Currently operating in the North of India and Colombia.

(Co-) Director of Ashoka Nederland (2015-2018)

Ashoka Nederland is the Dutch chapter of Ashoka: world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, with over 3,500 Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries putting their system changing ideas into practice all around the world.

Transition Manager at Banking with the Poor (2011-2012)

Banking with the Poor Network is the Asia-wide microfinance network that works towards building efficient, large-scale sustainable microfinance organisations, through co-operation, advocacy and capacity building with the aim of achieving greater Financial Inclusion.

Manager at HandsOn Microkrediet (2008-2010)

“HandsOn Microcredit” was a Dutch MFI pioneering micro credit provision and business development services to starting micro entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. An innovator at the time, being the first MFI in the Netherlands.

Co-founder and director of Microkrediet voor Moeders (founded in 2005)

Micro credit for Mothers”, a Dutch MFI providing small loans in South & Southeast Asia to the poorest of the poor to invest in income-generating activities.

Micro credit for Mothers, field trip, Bangladesh, 2009